MEGT Online Membership Application

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At the March 2021 meeting, the MEGT Board voted to extend the 2020 MEGT memberships throughout the 2021 calendar year. The Board chose this action in recognition of our members' heroic actions throughout the pandemic to educate and advocate for Minnesota's children.
  • Continuing at the free Basic Membership level means you will still have access to organization publications, and can register for MEGT events at ala carte rates here on our website.
  • For this year only, we are also offering you the chance to renew your membership at the $40 rate to become a 2021 Premier Member. The Premier Membership will include free access to all 2021 MEGT events.
Want to renew your membership and get free access to MEGT events? Click the icon below. 


What are the membership requirements?

Memberships are $40; half of the fees collected before March 15th of each year are returned to your region as a rebate. There will be no rebate for fees received after March 15th. Memberships are renewed annually at the annual MEGT conference each February. (Members joining during the Education Minnesota Conference will receive a 15-month membership). If you are unable to attend the February conference MEGT will send a reminder notice to renew your annual membership before March 15th. We are unable to include memberships received after March 15th in the statewide directory.

If you have further questions about being a member please contact Lori Habben, Membership Chair.



10 Ways Membership in MEGT Makes a Difference

  1. A voice to shape educational policy in the state
  2. Increase the dialogue between home, school and community
  3. Network with other professionals in the gifted education field
  4. Classroom resources aimed specifically at high potential learners
  5. Build your instructional strategies for all learners
  6. Access to MEGT publications
  7. Annual position papers addressing hot topics in gifted education
  8. Access to the latest research developments and publications
  9. Regional and state professional development opportunities
  10. An annual conference featuring national and state experts in gifted education and talent development