MEGT Legislative Committee 
Tania Lyon, President                       
Elizabeth Fogarty, Vice President
Lori Habben, Member,           
Melanie Olson, Public Relations
Kevin Berdine, Member
Laura Steabner, Member

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MEGT 2020 Legislative Proposal MINNESOTA STATUTES​ 120B

MEGT seeks to ensure equity by providing access and opportunity for all students to be universally screened for gifted programs and/or services across our state. By increasing the opportunity for students to be identified, we can increase access for traditionally underserved student populations and increase equity in programs and/or services.The under-representation of low-income, second language learning, twice-exceptional and culturally diverse students in gifted and talented programs is a continuing issue. Equity within services is an ongoing goal of the Minnesota Department of Education and districts. 
Research from the National Center for Research on Gifted Education shows that gifted children in poverty and minority groups that demonstrate comparable levels of achievement and aptitude as their peers are 250% less likely to be identified for, and in, gifted and talented programs.
What is Universal Screening? 
Universal screening is a procedure in which all students in a targeted grade are administered an initial screening instrument. Scoring at or above a predetermined cut-score on the screener leads to further consideration for placement and/or services. 
How can Universal Screening increase equity for gifted and talented education in Minnesota? 
Universal screening results in a higher representation of underserved populations as eligible for gifted and talented services when compared to other traditional methods of identification for gifted programs (e.g., teacher identification). This is a research-based and defensible procedure to move toward best practices in identifying gifted and talented learners. 
Why does gifted and talented education need a funding increase?
To close the excellence gap, it is imperative to fund universal screening and to provide schools with money to serve their gifted and talented students. Universal screening requires identification methods that may not currently be funded through the current allotment of $13 per pupil. The additional funding will allow districts to fund screening across all students in a grade level without affecting funding that is used for programs and/or services.
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